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Current news items from Neotherix are listed below. See the Archived News page for older articles.

14/12/17 New i4i funding for Neotherix
06/10/17 Neotherix plays its part in the Science and Innovation Audit of Medical Technologies in the Leeds City Region
04/09/17 Mike Raxworthy giving plenary lecture at RAPS 2017
22/06/17 PhotoTherix™ project update at Medical Technologies IKC and Regener8 Annual Conference 2017
22/06/17 Neotherix presenting at Medical Technologies IKC and Regener8 Annual Conference 2017
19/06/17 Neotherix on the programme for UK Society for Biomaterials 2017
24/04/17 Full Sector Panel announced for Leeds City Region MedTech event
20/04/17 Neotherix announced as part of the Sector Panel at Leeds City Region MedTech event
23/03/17 Neotherix participates in Leeds City Region's Science and Innovation Audit
21/02/17 EktoTherix™: First in Man clinical investigation recruitment completed
06/02/17 Medical Technologies IKC funding for new PhotoTherix™ project
11/11/16 Neotherix to exhibit at Venturefest Yorkshire 2016
11/10/16 New tendon repair review
26/09/16 Neotherix selected to pitch at 2016 BioCap life science and investment conference
16/09/16 Mike Raxworthy to chair seminar at Venturefest Yorkshire 2016
14/09/16 New research paper published with Neotherix author
31/08/16 EktoTherix™: Additional site now recruiting patients to clinical investigation
22/04/16 Neotherix achieves ISO 13485 certification milestone
15/04/16 Neotherix selected to join Hiscox Business Club
10/03/16 Neotherix included in Super North supplement for The Times
04/02/16 Mike Raxworthy appointed to RAEng Visiting Professorship at University of Leeds
02/12/15 Mike Raxworthy appointed External Examiner
27/11/15 RegeniTherix™ Wound Theranostic System wins Bionow Project of the Year Award
24/11/15 RegeniTherix™ Wound Theranostic System short-listed for Bionow Project of the Year Award

RegeniTherix - a system for the point of care testing and treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers - has been shortlisted in the Project of the Year category in the Bionow Awards, which recognise the very best life sciences companies and innovations in the north of England.

The RegeniTherix system consists of a bioresorbable 'scaffold' to encourage growth of the patient's own cells into the wound space to begin repair and a hydrogel to enable the collection and sampling of biomarkers produced by these new cells. The biomarkers are measured using a hand-held reader device and provide clinicians with information on the healing or non-healing status of the wound. Knowing whether certain barriers to healing are present, such as excessive inflammation, high levels of degradative enzymes, poor tissue perfusion or infection, allows clinicians to select the most appropriate wound treatments for different patient groups. In this way, RegeniTherix is both a therapeutic - promoting chronic wound healing - and a diagnostic device ("theranostic").

The RegeniTherix system has been developed by a consortium led by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and involving York-based Neotherix, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and the Durham-based companies SensaPharm and Complement Genomics. The project is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Invention for Innovation (i4i) programme.

The cost of wounds to the NHS has been estimated to be more than £3 billion per year and to consume around 3% of the NHS's entire budget. NICE estimates that the cost of a wound to the NHS is £4,750 per patient and a range of £4,850-£7,500 per patient has been estimated for Europe as a whole. With an ageing population and the rising incidence of chronic diseases - both of which increase the incidence of chronic wounds - controlling and reducing the amount spent on treating wounds is of vital importance. A saving of 5% (achieved through improved healing, earlier patient discharge and fewer "wasted" dressings) will take around £200m pa off the NHS's budget and this is the initial target for RegeniTherix.

The Bionow Project of the Year Award criteria include the need to demonstrate the use of innovative approaches to develop biomedical products and will be awarded on the basis of the quality of the project and the degree of innovation. The winners of this and other awards for 2015 will be announced at the Bionow Annual Awards Dinner taking place on Thursday 26 November at the Mere Golf Resort and Spa, Cheshire at which the RegeniTherix consortium will be represented by Dr Mike Raxworthy from Neotherix.

For more information please see the Bionow Annual Awards Dinner web page Link to external web site.

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12/10/15 Neotherix presenting at World Conference on Regenerative Medicine 2015
22/09/15 Neotherix selected to pitch at 2015 BioCap conference
03/09/15 Neotherix presenting at Regener8 Annual Conference as part of MEIbioeng15
10/06/15 Neotherix in new collaboration with the School of Dentistry, University of Leeds
08/06/15 New publication on the use of Neotherix scaffold technology to create 3D tissue models
03/06/15 EktoTherix™: First Patients Recruited
12/05/15 Neotherix presenting at Regener8/Science City York Technology Digests - Regenerative Scaffolds
17/04/15 Neotherix attending 2015 BioSynergy Conference
04/03/15 Super Cells exhibition launch event
11/02/15 UEA Industrial CASE project undergoes first interim review
09/02/15 New publication from Neotherix scientist
19/12/14 Neotherix becomes Bionow member
21/11/14 Year in Industry Intern joins Neotherix team
25/09/14 Neotherix is a Medipex NHS Innovation Awards 2014 Finalist
16/09/14 Neotherix attending the Regener8 Annual Conference 2014
22/08/14 Congratulations to Neotherix-supported CASE student
04/06/14 Applicants sought for UEA CASE PhD studentship with Neotherix
02/05/14 Key patent granted in Japan
30/04/14 Presentations from Nano4Life event now available
14/03/14 Case study published on collaborative project between Neotherix and the University of Manchester
05/03/14 Neotherix presenting at Nano4Life 6th Annual Conference and Exhibition
26/02/14 Neotherix attending Nanofibres to Nanocomposites III conference
27/01/14 Neotherix attending 2014 BioSynergy Conference
21/01/14 Neotherix listed on map of UK Regenerative Medicine landscape
09/01/14 MeDe Innovation Launch and iMBE Annual Conference
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